My (humble) Perfume Collection

Well, today I want to show my little perfume collection. I’m not a fragrance super expert, at least I’m not so full of myself to call me that. However I’ve always loved fragrances and I’ve always spent a lot of time searching for my signature perfume. I wanted it to be not so commercial, I wanted something special not used by everyone. I never had all that money needed to test every niche perfume out there, but little by little I built my little humble collection. I’m so proud of it because every fragrance tells something about me, my personality and my feelings.

I first met the art of perfume visiting Fragonard‘s factory in Grasse. I went there several times where I tested various fragrances and explored my tastes. Right now, from this brand I own two annual limited edition fragrances: Jasmin and Iris. Jasmin was 2015 annual fragrance, while Iris is the 2016 one. What can I say: both fragrances are so springy and pleasant and nice to wear. Two flolar fragrance that actually go well with my skin which is a so unusual thing.

From Fragonard I also love their “natural” perfumes. Now I’m using Figuier Fleur but I used to love Rose de Mai and Fleur d’Oranger as well.

My second “fragrance” love is Serge Lutens. I can’t help: each Serge Lutens creation evokes a dreamlike trip in estranged lands: they literally speak to my soul. My first soul mate was Ambre Sultan, then I got Un Bois Vanille, Jeux de Peau, Chergui: I’m so addicted to all of them. As you can see my weak points are oriental, boisé and gourmand scents. I love the Ambre Sultan and Chergui‘s lingering seduction. I love how Un Bois Vanille is not a girly vanilla but an animalic, boisé, grown-up version. I love how Jeux de Peau is just like a Proust’s madeleine for me.

Then, my first – and last for now – Penhaligon’s fragrance. Iris Prima: iris, leather, an old theather where ballerinas wear out their ballet flats, between levity and sweat.

One of my recent love is Tonka by Reminiscence. I was looking for a Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille dupe and I ended up getting this one. It’s not exactly a dupe but it gives me the same feeling. I’d dare to say it’s even better since Tonka is sweeter, more delicate and more feminine.


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