Nars for Guy Bourdin collection – Holiday 2013

Latest news in beauty world is the Nars for collection.

François Nars for the Holiday collection honour to Guy Bourdin‘s audacious soul with a special collection. Glamour withour inhibition.

Guy Bourdin rebuilt with his anticonformistic pictures with explicit sensuality. His transgressive art, with is seductive shootings and campaigns, has been the summit of during the 70s and he is still an inspiration for all creative artists, photographers, art directioners, designers and trendsetters.

François Nars created an exclusive collection suiting Guy Bourdin‘s mood.


Nars for Guy Bourdin collection



Let’s see what this Nars for Guy Bourdin collection features.
Ombres Essentielles Eyeshadows – Nars for Guy Bourdin collection.
They have a brand new formula with a lightweight velvety texture.

Nars for Guy Bourdin collection

Wishful thinking – Ara Macao Blue

Bad behavior – Dark Grey

Rage – Shocking Orchid

Cambodia – Warm Leather

Mississippi mermaid – Champagne




Lipsticks – Nars for Guy Bourdin collection

Bold colous for a statement look. New formula for a super bright result and a creamy texture. All limited editions.

Nars for Guy Bourdin collection


Future red – Cherry

Short circuit – Bright Coral

Last tango – Light Dusty Pink

Goodbye Emmanuelle – Deep Pink

Full frontal – Pinky Purple





Blush – Nars for Guy Bourdin collection
We have both natural and bright colours. Exhibit A is inspired by Guy Bourdin himself, then we have two new colours.

Nars for Guy Bourdin collection

Exhibit a – Matte Bright Red

Coeur battant – Magenta

Day dream – Peachy Pink




Nail Lacquers – Nars for Guy Bourdin collection
Bright and long lasting formula.

Nars for Guy Bourdin collection

Tomorrow’s red – Crimson Red

Follow me – Deep Fuchsia

Union libre – Pink Blossom

No limits – Bright Pinkis Purple

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  1. Misato scrive:

    io di questa ho sinceramente paura *_*


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