Ami Iyok ecosmetics

I’ve been able to meet Ami Iyok ecosmetics at Esxence 2015 which is not only niche and artistic perfumery but also niche cosmetic and skincare.


Ami Iyok


Ami Iyok ecosmetics introduces the Slow Ageing concept, in contrast with anti-ageing concept. They do not want to sell miracles, but telling the truth: it is not possible to stay forever young but it is possible ageing beautifully. To do so, they offer a complete skincare routine focused on protecting skin from external, atmospheric agents, stress, pollution, sun damages and so on.

All products have eco-certified ingredients, therefore they are rich in natural extracts. I’m really curious to try some products from this brand, I really like their concept of advanced organic cosmeceuticals. In their range you can find cleansers, toners, facial mask, moisturizer, etc. For example there are the Green Shaman Bio-Facial Cleanser Gel which is a oil based gel perfect to remove all make up, sunscreen and impurities or the My Perfect Skin My Perfect Skin Mattifying and Unifying Face Serum or again the Photoshop – Oil Moisturising Body Sun Oil with a Golden Glow.

Do you already know this brand? You can discover it on their site.

Here it is the official description of this brand:

The brand finds its origin and inspiration in the depths of the Costa Rican rainforest, home to the Bribri indigenous people, one of the few remaining ethnic groups there, and among the few to continue to harness natural resources to create beauty treatments with the utmost respect for “Mother Earth”, or Ami Iyok, as she is known in the Bribri language.

The brand brings together a variety of ingredients, from liquid gold from the Amazon (Sacha Inchi Oil) whose application for international patent registration has triggered disputes between multinationals and international committees as a result of its properties that are highly beneficial for the skin, to traditional organic Mediterranean Olive Oil.

Most of the raw materials we use, such as the Mediterranean Olive Oil, come from cultivating and harvesting our own private lands set in an exceptional location on the Mediterranean coast, as if it were amid a plain, surrounded by olive trees, almond trees, fruit trees and aromatic plants. These trees and plants provide us with many of our raw materials, as well as pure virgin olive oil, of fine quality and infused with a fruity aroma, with an exclusive irrigation, harvesting and pressing process.

Their lands are fertilised with natural fertilisers and mesothermal waters rich in chloride, sodium, ions, bicarbonate, sulphate, chloride, calcium, magnesium, lithium and potassium, which provide added-value properties to all the aromatic plants from which we extract some of our essential oils in an artisanal manner.

We use 44 active ingredients distributed among the entire range of products, which are formulated and combined in the highest percentages alongside high-tech active ingredients such as Argireline, Hyaluronic Acid (super low molecular weight) and Tens’Up™, a botanical and certified ingredient whose effect is comparable to Retinol:

1) Argireline: It is a hexapeptide whose botulinum and Light Botox effect visibly reduces wrinkles following continued use due to its muscle relaxant and skin moisturising action. It is capable of stimulating collagen synthesis, increasing the concentration of this protein, exerting a filling-in effect, particularly noticeable in expression lines. Several studies demonstrate the anti-wrinkle effectiveness of Argireline and confirm it to be one of the most effective anti-ageing hexapeptides.

Argireline works as an innocuous substance similar to botulinum toxin type A, acting in an analogous manner without any risks or side effects. At the same time, it tightens, smoothes wrinkles and expression lines and relaxes fibroblasts. It is also hypoallergenic.
*Only present in the two references not certified by Natrue (Iyök Balance and Dryskin Oasis) but the remainder of the formulation complies with its standards.

2) Super Low Molecular Weight SLMW Hyaluronic Acid, made from a process of plant fermentation certified by Natrue and Ecocert, with the lowest molecular weight on the market to deeply penetrate the layers of the skin, restoring and/or maintaining the skin’s moisture and elasticity.

3) Tens’Up, an active plant-derived ingredient comprising Chicory, Tara, Acacia, Xanthan and Carob, is a new approach to active ingredients with an immediate lifting effect, since its tightening action is added to the anti-ageing activity through the proven increase in collagen synthesis which fills in wrinkles, comparable to that of retinol.



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