Recently, here in Italy we’re seeing any brand (from low to high cost: Garnier, L’Oreal, Dior, Kiko and so on… ) coming out with their own so-called “bb cream”.

Personally, I only tested them in stores and – imho – they don’t differ from a simple, classic tinted moisturizer.

But are you sure that these commercial brands sell the *original* BB Cream? And what is a real BB Cream: which are its features?

BB Cream is only a tinted moisturizer?

The Blemish (or Beblesh) Balm Cream has its origin in German, where dermatologists used to prescribe it after laser surgery to protect skin. It gave good coverage with a light texture to surgical scars, acne and other imperfections.

Later, this product had an enormous success in Far East, especially in Southย Corea and these countries developed many brands of this product.

There are BB Creams (and I mean the original-oriental ones) of any kind. But all of them should heal acne effects, they should be anti-aging and they’d prevent wrinkles and fine lines, thanks to a whitening effect (due to zinc oxide) against dark spots and they’d regenerate skin.

They also have a super-high protection against UV rays that cause skin aging.

BB Creams are a multi-purpose product: they are a foundation, a primer, a moisturizer and a concealer all in one.

There’s been a debate about the presence in them of silicons. They are not completely natural products. If you prefer natural products, please search for mineral foundation and so on. But I want to let you know that in (original, oriental) BB Cream there are not so many silicons and they are to the bottom of ingredients’ list.

Warning! BB Cream has planed to be used by asian customers so its colour is extremely light and many brands don’t have a large shade selection. BB Creams also have a greish tone but it’s due zinc oxide: the product oxidize in few minutes and it adapts itself to your skintone.

Warning nยฐ2! Due to its high sunscreen protection, BB Cream has to be removed carefully and in depth; an oily cleanser it’s perfect. Otherwise you may have breakouts!

Where to buy original BB Creams (for European and Italian readers)? Most popular brands are Skin79, Missha, Lioele, Dr. Jart. (it has also an italian version) Sephora also sells an oriental BB Cream from Erborian. Don’t buy them on Ebay because there are many fakes!


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