Well, here it is another post about how brands see and use .

I had the chance to interview Katia Calabrò, Head of PR & Communication at Ladybird House, Italian distributor of brands such as Orly and CND.

(Translation is mine)

Me: How the relationship with customers has changed with Facebook’s and Youtube’s coming?

Katia: Once there was a pyramidal relationship, now with social media there is a horizontal relationship: it’s a conversation, it’s not a monologue anymore. Brands’ values are in challenge. We don’t want an exploitation of social media: Facebook page is a place where crowd meets at every level.

Me: Which is your preferred channel?

Katia: Every social has its own ratio. Twitter is more sophisticated and selective. Linkedin works well for direct contacts. Pinterest is a great value because it’s an image base social network. We use Youtube as brand’s institutional channel.

Me: Towards which direction the relationship with customers is going?

Katia: It’s increasing, indeed. In Italy Google is the second advertising medium. With internet and social networks there is the chance of global meeting. Social media are essential for research and development. There is also a chance for create and increase consciousness about professionalism.

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