Carafe – Fall Winter 2013 colour trend


When I saw Pantone‘s fall winter 2013 colours I wondered what kind of colour may be Carafe? Carafe 19-1116 is a rich brown, with a subtle old gold undertone to me. Very elegant and sultry, even it you may think it can be worn understated. It’s that kind of elegant that doesn’t need to scream or show off; it speaks softly but determined, with a velvet voice but strong meanings. When I think about Carafe I imagine cozy evenings near a fire, wrapped up in warm plaids, drinkin a hot chocolate. I imagine a warm, delicious coffee in the morning lookin at the snow at the window. I imagine woods and a wolf’s eyes. All of these to me is Carafe. During past years I didn’t love too much brown colour, nor in make up nor in clothes. But nowadays I’m re-evaluating it a lot. It’s warm and intimate, just like some memories as a child.

In the picture below you can see some fashion and beauty items inspired by Carafe colour, let me know what do you think about it!



Carafe fashion and beauty inspirations
Carafe fashion and beauty inspirations by Kenderasia

Vivetta Brown Boris Bees shiny dress
£715 –

Alice + Olivia Lillyanne puff skirt short dress
$396 –

Sinequanone jacket
€98 –

Michael Kors leather boots collection Morganna
$486 –

Jack Wills Wittenham Chelasea leather boots
$298 –

Michael Kors medium stockard shoulder satchel
$358 –

Zad braided and leather stud wrap bracelet
$28 –

Brooks Brothers Kiel James Patrick brown leather rope bracelet
$58 –

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingjay Pin brooch
$13 –

Abro bracelet bangle
£22 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Old Hollywood Eye Palette
$75 –

Charlotte Tilbury colour coded eyeshadow palette in The Dolce Vita
£38 –

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