It doesn’t matter what the planned location for a night out is, a woman is always likely to want to look beautiful and stylish. These days due to the increased popularity of mobile casino games, that location is just as likely to be a casino as a pub or nightclub, but although casinos are always presented as ultra-glamorous in movies, many real-life ones do not operate strict dress codes. This article will give you some pointers on dress do’s and don’ts for casinos with dress codes and those without.

If you are visiting a casino that does have a dress code, you will still have plenty of clothing options. Opting for a little black dress combined with heels and topped off by classy jewellery and a small bag will ensure you fit in at even the classiest casinos in places like Monte Carlo, but if you don’t like heels, flats go well with ultra-fashionable maxi dresses. Accessories should be low-key, not OTT, as gaudy bags and jewellery are as much of a no-no at these types of casino as overtly revealing clothes or scruffy jeans and t-shirts.

There are also casinos with much more relaxed dress codes, and here you can wear things like t-shirts and denims, with minimal make-up, for a night out – as long as they do not contain messages that could offend people. Just make sure that whatever you wear is clean and properly pressed and you will be fine. On the other hand, if you are there to party, you will probably want to prioritise dynamism over comfort, making red lipstick and a tight cocktail dress a much more suitable combination. You can also showcase accessories like jewellery at a casino party, as the aim here is to create the most spectacular impression possible.

The best strategy is always to contact any casino you intend to visit for a night out and enquire what their dress code is, as this way you will make sure you aren’t over or under-dressed.

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