Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Rock’n’Kohl and Powder&Sculpt

Haul: Rock’n’Kohl and Powder & Sculpt Brush

Today’s post is about my first Charlotte Tilbury haul. I’ve been really excited by Charlotte Tilbury make up line since its launch in August 2013 (see my previous post). Unfortunately it was available only at Selfridges’ for foreign countries where shipping costs are very expensive (international delivery for Italy is £15!). Plus, there were a few reviews about Charlotte Tilbury products so I didn’t get anything… well, until some weeks ago. Charlotte Tilbury official site  announced that internatioanl shipping was finally available. Shipping costs are still high (£9) but it was a very bad day and I was dying to try something from Charlotte Tilbury. I’m a big fan of her as a make up artist. I really enjoy her make up choices and she has been also creative director for Tom Ford so I knew they were going to be outstanding products.

Of course, there’s always a high risk when it comes to this kind of expectation. I’ve been really uncertain about what to buy. I knew I wanted one of Rock’n’Kohl Iconic Liquid . I’m a rock gal and a sucker for smoky, bedroom eyes. That kind of look that became Charlotte‘s signature look. And this post made up my mind. I chose Rock’n’Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in one of the newest colour: . I’ll write a review soon for sure, but for now I can say that it’s one of the best eye pencil out there: great colour payoff – despite its plum colour -, glides on easily and last all day long (and night too). The only downside is that it’s not automatic so you’re going to waste some product when you sharpen it. It’s really expensive (£19) and it isn’t going to last for a long time.

Then I was lemming for K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Bitch Perfect Lipstick with matching Lip Cheat Pillow Talk Lip Liner and The Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette but in the end I got a more unique product. You all know that I have a little make up brushes OCD but I do think they are a great investment and it’s important paying attention to make up tools: sometimes they are more important than make up products theirselves! After reading good and objective opinions about I ended getting it. Absolutely no regret. The Powder and Sculpt Brush is hand made in Germany. It seems having the same top quality of Japan artisan brushes. The handle is well balanced and bristles are from squirrels, the softest ones. Though, it’s not a super fluffy brush: bristles are super soft but dense and firm in order to achieve a precise and detailed application. It picks up a lot of colour so you can get an evident and strong sculpting with that. Full review coming soon!


Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Rock'n'Kohl and Powder & Sculpt Brush

: Rock’n’Kohl and Powder & Sculpt Brush

Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Rock'n'Kohl and Powder & Sculpt Brush

Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Rock’n’Kohl and Powder & Sculpt Brush

Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Rock'n'Kohl and Powder & Sculpt Brush

Rock’n’Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil Elizabeth Violet

Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Rock'n'Kohl

On top MAC Macroviolet Fluidline, on bottom Rock’n’Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil Elizabeth Violet

Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Powder & Sculpt Brush

Powder and Sculpt Brush


Now, some words about Charlotte Tilbury site and my order. My order took to days to be processed before shipping (a little slow compared to other UK sites). I ordered with Paypal without any problem. My parcel arrived after only 3 working days with courier. Packaging is absolutely gorgeous: a burgundy box with a ribbon and an envelope with my receipt (super fine quality paper!). The box recalls products’ design and packaging: burgundy and rose gold with a vintage appeal. I can’t say enough how beautiful the concept is: an early to mid 20th century feel with the most classy and luxury colour-theme. I wish that my whole life could be fulfilled with retro aesthetic, burgundy and rose gold.

Charlotte Tilbury Haul: Rock'n'Kohl and Powder & Sculpt Brush


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  1. lidalgirl scrive:

    Cazchio ma è bella sì la matita viola! Seriamente, gridano catch ’em all in ogni dove, ci credi che pure la marrone mi attira?
    La scatola l’ho ovviamente tenuta, così come ho la busta vuota incastrata dietro lo scaffale sopra la scrivania. La bellezza proprio…

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