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Chikuhodo and Japanese manufacturing

I’ve always dreamt about . If you don’t know, Japanese make up brushes are the in the whole world. Best known Japanese make up brushes brands are Hakuhodo, Chikuoho, Suqqu,Tanseido, Koyudo, Artisan & Artist,  Chikuhodo brushes are hand made manufactured. Chikuhodo is located in Kumano, Hiroshima prefecture.

Chikuhodo sells handmade high performance makeup brushes and they also work with many professional makeup artists and Japanese cosmetics companies such as Shiseido and Kanebo.

Chikuhodo‘s range has various line with different peculiarities and high quality animal hairs such as grey squirrel, pine squirrel, canadian squirrel, goat, weasel, raccoon, pony, sable and water badger.


Where to buy in EU?

Buying these Japanese make up brushes is extremely difficult if you’re not Japan bases. There are some US retailers but if you’re living in EU it’s impossible to get those brushes. I thought so until I discovered Kohlindo. It’s a Swedish online retailer for Chikuhodo brushes.

When I saw site I was so excited! I’ve been able to get the brushes I’ve always dream about! The service is great, the range ok and fully descriptions are really helpful. The only downside is the price: Japanese brushes are really pricey in theirselves and Kohlindo shipping costs are incredibly high for my location (Italy). So I made my order with my friend Beatrice from the lovely Strawberry makeup bag.

At this link you can read how these traditional brushes are made.







Chikuhodo Anne Set

My choices was the Anne Set, since I wanted a basic, essential kit at a reasonable price. Unfortunately it was limited edition and it’s no longer avaible but there some new arrivals are expected for spring 2014. The Anne set was perfect for me because I needed a powder brush (my MAC 129 is so scratchy!), a blush brush and a lipstick brush: all of these brushes are in the set, plus a great eyeshadow brush.

These Chikuhodo brushes are the softest thing that my face ever felt.




They all have a short handle and the same design – white pearly ivory -, except for the lip brush which is the special G-7 brush, with a squared white handle.

The powder brush is really big compared to the handle, with super goat hairs. Bristles are fluffy but slightly pointed so you can get a precise application.

Chikuhodo Anne Set


The blush brush has short, dense bristles made with super goat hair. It picks up a good amount of product and it blends out effortlessly.

Chikuhodo Anne Set


The eye brush is between a pencil and a crease brush; bristles are in goat hair and very dense and quite stiff for a great precision.

Chikuhodo Anne Set


The lip brush is made with kolinsky (siberian sable). I never thought that lipstick application could be so easy and perfect before using this brush.

Chikuhodo Anne Set


Overall, I’m really impressed with the amazing quality of these brushes: my make up result is flawless. Never understimate tools when it comes to make up: they are the best investment.



6 Responses to “Chikuhodo – Japanese Make up Brushes at Kohlindo”

  1. Misato scrive:

    tu e Bea siete un’associazione a delinquere assieme… XD

  2. kenderasia scrive:

    Misato  LOL XD

  3. Zarin scrive:

    Just trued going to the website and it just says that “Kohlindo have been closed”. No other message at all but that!

    Does anyone know if they still in business? Or not? Hope so.

  4. Malin,Kohlindo scrive:

    Hi :)
    Its with a sad heart I write and tell you that Kohlindo is closed. Im home with my little baby and I will be that for a while more. It was to stressful to both have a baby and take care of Kohlindo. I hope with my whole heart that some day Kohlindo will open again.
    We have had the most kind and wonderful customers and I have met so many great women and men all over the world.

    • Kenderasia scrive:

      Hi Malin,
      I’m glad that everything is ok. I’m really sorry for Kohlindo, of course, I hope that someday you will go back to it! In the meanwhile many thanks for your service and your kindness.


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