The 7th of February James Cameron’s Le Cirque du Soleil Worlds Away 3D will be on theatres and China Glaze launches a collection all dedicated to amazing Cirque du Soleil.

There will be 12 shades, from neon colours to shimmery bright ones to a lot of glitters that remind of a colourful and fantastic world, such as Cirque du Soleil‘s one.

Are you curious about details?


It’s a Trap-eze: creamy white with multi-coloured glitters

Escaping Reality: neon pink

Surreal Appeal: bright coral

Whirled Away: black with large glitters

Creative Fantasy: neon purple

Bend Over Backwards: rusty shimmery red

Igniting Love: bright red

Get Carried Away: black and red large glitters

Def Defying: lime green

Running in Circles: shimmery green

Hanging in the Balance: bright creamy blue

Water your Waiting For: shimmery blue


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