Fairisle – Winter Christmas Trend


Dear Kenderasia’s readers this will be my last post before Christmas so I wish you the happiest Christmas, I hope you’ll spend these days with the ones you love.

I think that nothing makes me feel festive and ready for than pattern, fashion and knitting.

What is fairisle? It’s a knitting technique which take its name after Fair Isle, part of Shetland islands in the north of Scotland. This traditional technique combines 3-5 colours to create the pattern and often features winter-like subjects, such as snowflakes, reindeer etc.

Of course I’m fond of snowflakes and reindeers. Fairisle pattern makes me think about Northern Europe – you know, Santa Claus’s home! and Rudolf’s! I mean, which one doesn’t love Rudolf! -, cozy days, the snow, hot chocolate, festive lights, gifts…

For this winter I bought some fairisle stuff: a dress, the cutiest leggings ever, two scarves directly from Finland



fairisle fashion


And here there are some inspirations for you to rock the fairisle mood and feel a little more festive




Fairisle inspirations by Kenderasia

Fair isle jumper
€215 –

Hue fairisle sweater
€50 –

J.Crew socks
€12 –

Uniqlo socks
€7,21 –

Ariella high waisted legging
€8,28 –

Ariella high waisted legging
€12 –

Topshop hat
€20 –

Accessorize fair isle glove
€24 –

Uniqlo scarve
€14 –

Gap Fair Isle Heart Sweater – heart fairisle
€25 –

ASOS Collection Fairisle Deer Hot Water Bottle
€15 –

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