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Festive Nails Ideas with China Glaze

Festive Nails Ideas with China Glaze

Hi everyone!

It’s almost and I wanted to say Merry Xmas to you all, I hope you’ll have joyful festive days :D

In this post I show you two nails ideas I find perfect for Christmas Eve and for Holiday time. Both of them feature : Luxe and Lush from Hunger Games collection and Glistening Snow* from collection.


Luxe and Lush is a really dense nail polish, a transparent base full of gold flakles with a sort of green and bronze duochrome. Here you see it over Chanel Rouge Noir; gold and burgundy is a Christmas’ classic, isn’t it?



Glistening Snow* is a silvery galore, with a multi-coloured duochrome effect. The same effect when you see snow under the sun! It has a really good coverage, here you can see it applied with two coats.



  1. I love Glistening Snow, that is beautiful! I don’t have any China Glaze polishes, I might have to invest!

    • They’re quite good, they last on me for about 5 days without topcoat :)

  2. Luxe & lush me lo sono comprata oggi su beutybay dopo una ricerca infinita o/ Sono troppo contenta, lo volevo tanto.
    Non ho niente del genere nella mia collezione, ma avevo in mente di usarlo in una nail art con i fiocchi di neve *__*

    • @bea_ichigo hai fatto benone! è proprio bellino, solo un po’ denso per cui bisogna fare un po’ di attenzione a stenderlo in modo uniforme.
      Spero di vedere la nail art sul blog presto *__*

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