French Royalty – Neve Cosmetics Review

Some weeks ago launched the collection (check out my Italian version of the site for further details); there were some nice colours I wanted to try so I picked them up with the Neve Cosmetics site’s Christmas deal.

My choices? Here there are :  eyeliner, Chateau and Sang Blue eyeshadows and they send me Boudoir blush as a gift with purchase.


Pastello Zaffiro

Pastello eyeliners are completely natural without silicons, parabens and mineral oil; it is , and cruelty free. The colour is an intense sapphire blue with a satin finih.

Pastello Zaffiro glides very easily on eyes, even in the inner lines. It is a great khol, since you can blend it without effort. It last well for 6 hours, then it begins smudging and fading. It’s not waterproof so it may last for a less time during hot days.

Usually I prefer long lasting, waterproof eyeliners but I hadn’t any khol nor a blendable sof eyeliner for smoky eyes so I’m pretty fine with Pastello Zaffiro. It brightens my hazelnut eyes so they seem like jewels.


Sang Bleu 

I immediately fell in love with this mineral eyeshadow. Sang Bleu is a periwinkle blue as it is described as a violet base with blue duochrome. I absolutely love this kind of colours with my eyes, they make them pop. To see better the duochrome effect you have to look at it in the sunlight. Sadly, Sang Bleu is not as intense as I wished for. It is quite sheer and you have to put it over a strong base or use it with Fix +. It doesn’t last more than 3 hours on its own but with a base you can achieve a 6 hour wearing time but then it begins to crease.



Another duochrome mineral eyeshadow. Chateau is described as a mauvey brown with pistachio green reflects. Green reflects are very subtle but I can see them quite well under direct light. It has a good colour payoff and goes in an intense particularly colour. Lasting power is not good, such as for Sang Bleu: you have to use a good base but it tends to crease at the end of the day.



Boudoir is a mineral blush described as a light peachy pink with a mauve duochrome. On me it’s a very light pink with a lilac duochrome. It is very, very light but it has good colour payoff; it suits well N20-N15 complexions. It has a satin finish so it gives a natural glow without any glitters. Lasting power is not great: it fades after 4 hours.


What you picked from this collection? I find that colours are really gorgeous and I love them but lasting power is too poor…


2 Responses to “French Royalty – Neve Cosmetics Review”

  1. Misato scrive:

    a me attira sempre Sang Bleu ma penso lo chiederò in omaggio se dovessi fare un ordine (Bartolini non mi fa venire voglia) perché swatchandolo non mi ha convinta e non sei la prima che se ne lamenta. e la Zaffiro.. e l’altro fard XD

    • kenderasia scrive:

      @Misato sì, ti converrebbe in omaggio perché è molo sheer, fa un po’ smadonnare ç__ç
      peccato perché potrebbe essere il colore della mia vita.

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