Healing Potion

Hi! Probably you don’t have a such big scar but for smaller issues you can find this helpful.

Today I want to talk about my personal “ potion“, all . Recently I had so now I have to heal the scar. For a month I applied ointment which I found really good: it contains silicons (which help in healing) and a lot of good organic actives such as shea butter, oil, officinalis and so on. But now I am allowed to apply every oil, ointment, salve I want.

I prepared a vegetal oil mix with : each ingredient is strongly healing (without contraindications) and really good for skin renewal.

Ingredients (I bought all of them on Aroma Zone):

Rosehip seed Oil (rosa moschata)

Marigold Oil (calendula officinals)

Rosewood Essential Oil (aniba rosaeodora)

Essential Oil (lavandula angustifolia)


  1. Take a 50ml empty and (really) clean container.
  2. Fill it with Rosehip seed Oil for 2/3.
  3. Fill with Marigold Oil for 1/3.
  4. Add 30 drops of Rosewood Essential Oil.
  5. Add 30 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.
  6. Shake it and it’s done.


This mix is not only good for healing , but is also a powerful anti-aging oil since it helps skin to regenerate. Use it as anti-rides for a re-youth effect: it will nourish in deep your skin in order to help .


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