In this post you’ll find all official photos from yesterday’s Emotional Brilliance event, product infos and prices.

In the colour wheel you can choose among 30 colourshand made, all vegans -, each one of these matches your feelings.

For naming, Lush collaborated with behavioral therapist Lady Kennedy, specialized in mood’s changements .

Liquid Lipsticks: formulated with the same base of Lush’s balms, with jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose. Smooth, soothing and long-lasting.

Liquid Eyeliners: based on infusion of eyebright, long-lasting. You can blend them for a more natural look or using them as intense as they come.

Liquid Eyeshadows: made with infusion of rose petals, soothing almond, jojoba oil, glycerin and cupuacu butter. Intense colour payoff and long- lasting power.

Packaging is minimal and eco friendly: made with glass so you can see all colours and easily recyclable. Bottles contain 5g of product (a lot more than other eyeliners!) and they’re little and handy so you can carry everywhere.

Here you find product names and prices.

Eyeliners (14.95 euro):

– Fantasia (Fantasy)

– Indipendenza (Indipendent)

– Motivazione (Motivation)

– Fiducia (Feeling secure)

– Nelle tue mani (In charge)

– Perseveranza (Quietly motivated)

– Dinamismo (Dynamic)

– Successo (Success)

– Calma (Calm)

– Controllo (Control)

– Benessere (Healthy)

Eyeshadows (14.95 euro):

Felicità (Happiness)

Saggezza (Wise)

Intuito (Intuitive)

Focus (Focus)

Lipsitcks (14.95 euro):

Frizzante (Bubbly)

Decisione (Decisive)

Autostima (Confident)

Seduzione (Charm)

Prospettiva (Perspective)

Energia (Vibrance)

Potere (Power)

Convinzione (Believe)

Ambizione (Ambition)

Affascinante (Glamorous)

Forza (Strong)

Passione (Passionate)


Alongside with Emotional Brilliance, there is Desert Island Collection.

What you’ll need on a desert island? Mascara, base and powder:

Mascara Guarda Avanti – Eyes Right (17.95): only one perservative, perfect for sensitive eyes; made with infusion of wheat grass, japan and carnauba wax.

Translucent Powder Vibrazioni Emotive – Emotional Brillance (17.95): without mineral oils, with jojoba oil; use it to fix make up or as a primer.

Coloured Base Carisma – Charisma (17.95): golden pigments to enhance the tan and give a healthy glow.

Highlighting Base Splendore – Feel Younger (17.95): with magic of the orange pigments, gives a youthful appearance.

Launch will be worldwide on 21st of July since 17.00. There will be a fresh mob (you can see it on and surprises and gifts for timely customers in Milan and Rome.

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