MAC Eye Gloss: the glossy eyes trend

MAC Cosmetics put out a quite innovative products, recently. It’s called MAC Eye Gloss and it is a specific gloss product for eyes which is supposed to last longer than a classic clear gloss patted on the eyelids. Plus, it is not a transparent gloss, but it comes in various colours and it has tons of tiny glitters in it. The result is a sheer coloured gloss for eyes with highly reflective shimmering particles.

It is more subtle than the classic MAC Cosmetics clear gloss but at the same time it’s way sophisticated and easy to wear.

Though it can be described as a long lasting product, it adheres well on the eyelids for a decent amount of hours before starting to crease a little. Beware that this grungey creased effect will be a top trend for next season. You have to remember: imperfection is perfection.

Glossy lids with a smudged effect is one of my favourite next big trends: a punk rock effect with a classy twist, a win for my personal taste.

I honestly don’t know if MAC Eye Gloss is supposed to be a permanent product. They always come out with limited edition collections but you can find them in several stores quite often.

You may have heard of MAC Eye Gloss with the launch of MAC x Cinderella collection for the first time. That Lighthly Tauped shade is extremely versatile: it’s a very light and subtle rosy taupe hue with golden and multi-coloured shimmers that give you a very fairy tale effect, so fresh and youthful. It is the most used in fashion week backstages to give that trendy glossy look – not only on the eyes but on the cheeckbones as well.

Many people didn’t understand this product, in my humble opinion. You don’t have to use a huge amount of product. In order to get the best result you only have to pat with your fingers a tiny quantity of gloss on the centre of the eyelids, not too close to the lashline to avoid any stickyness. You can use it on bare lids or over eyeshadows also.

For my decadent dark side I also bought MAC Eye Gloss in other stunning colours. I got it in Médoc shade – a gorgeous burgundy red – part of MAC SS15 Trend Forecast collection and Black-Yang, a deep indigo from MAC x Brooke Candy collection. My favourite look is to used them on their own with a touch of mascara on my lashes – and that’s it, my shiny smudged perfect rock’n’roll look.

Take a look at the gallery below!




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