I’m not a teen, not new to make up and I know Mac since 2005-6. So I saw a lot of limited editions, a lot of colours, a lot of collections. And I have enough make up, I don’t want tons of items just because I’m all crazy about collections. I do love this brand but I’m not a fanboy (of anything, in my life, and proud of it). And I use make up, I don’t want collectibles.

So, I think Archie’s Girls is a very nice collection. Usually, with this kind of collections people go crazy. And you all know that here in Italy stocks are a mockery, online and in stores. You have to pre-order and then keeping your fingers crossed.

I wanted two items from this collection: Betty Bright lipstick and Lucky in Love pigment. And I pre-ordered both. But I managed to get only Lucky in Love, because there were a few Betty Bright‘s stocks and a huge list above me. However, it seems that Sunny Seoul is a good dupe, I’ll show it to you in the next post.

Obviously, it’s only a lisptick, it’s only make up: I’m not drowning in my tears, if it makes sense. But it’s a kind of a matter of principle that deals with an excessive, obsessive consumerism (getting tons of backups when you’re not a mua… well, it’s weird) and the thievishness of ebay re-sellers.

I know that low stocks are a marketing choice by Mac: keeping high the hype causes hysteria and a lot of fanboys aiming for collectibles. It’s all good for brand’s DNA. But it’s a game to which I do not want to join, especially because I know these workings.

By the way, Italian stocks are ridiculous and I think that in this case it’s more a matter of a low cost-effective marketplace. I understand that, but I’m still disappointed.


Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love


Now, it’s time to talk about Lucky in Love. I’m deeply in love with Mac pigments, though it was ages I didn’t buy any, since they changed in smaller packaging at a higher price. Again, disappointed. But I find pigments a such great product that I still find them charming. And I do not own any pigment similar to Lucky in Love: it’s a super nice green – aqua, a really complex colour that changes under different lights and it goes perfectly with spring’s pastel trend. Sweet and cute colour, I love using it as a wash on my eyelid with a darker colour on my crease and outer v (purple, blue, brown, bronze etc.). It brightens my hazelnut eyes like jewels. Plus, it has all pigments’ qualities: amazing colour payoff (it’s not sheer, it’s just a light colour :D), amazing lasting power, it remains perfect after a lot of hours without a base. I’m so glad I got it.

Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love


p.s. Would you like to see my Mac pigments? I could do a posts’ series about them, let me knoe if you’re interested in!

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