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Mac Pro Longwear Concealer: quick review

Another sample review today, so take my thoughs as first impressions :)

I asked for sample of cosmetics Pro Longwear since I’ve seen it in many enthusiastic reviews.


Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

I used it in as under-eye concealer but I noticed that for covering well my dark circles I need a darker tone for my concealer in order to have it in a more “salmon” colour which is perfect to contrast blue dark circles. So, NW15 is perfect for my general skintone but as an under-eye concealer I’d go with a NW20.

It has a really thin and lightweight consistency. It sets immediately  and it seems you wears nothing on skin. It lasts well all day long, from morning to evening.

But I think it has a too much dry texture as it evidence my little under-eye lines, I prefer cremier textures.

What do you think about it? I’ve always read enthousiastic review about  but from this little try I’m not sold. I guess I could give it a more try with another sample, maybe my skin was particularly dry at that moment or the tester was a bit old.

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  1. io ho un contorno occhi secco e questo è il primo correttore che non mi ha dato problemi di lineette… vuole una crema adatta sotto però ^^

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