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Punk Couture Haul: Instigator & Hautecore


Hi! The collection is my absolutely favourite MAC collection since a long time. I’m a sucker for dark lipsticks and I want a good from ages. So this post is about my MAC Punk Couture haul where you can read my very first impressions, swatches and a comparison.

For this MAC Punk Couture haul I got Instigator and Hautecore lipsticks. I have to say that all four lipsticks in this collection are gorgeous. But Studded Kiss is far too similar to Diva which I already own and Punk Couture is a little too cool for my complexion. So I chose Instigator, a warm dark purple and Hautecore, a plain black. Both lipsticks are Retro Matte which is my favourite finish along with Matte one, especially since MAC reformulated them: I find that they apply smoother than previous formulations, just like Ruby Woo for examples.





As I said, Instigator is a super dark purple with warm undertones. It doesn’t lead to burgundy though. I was afraid that it would look too similar to but while the latter is way more burgundy with red undertones instead of purplish ones. Instigator has a great formula: though it’s matte it glides on almost like a cream without looking patchy. It has a great colour payoff and it looks really dark, almost a blackened purple when applied directly from the tube. If you prefer a softer look – still not sheer – you can apply it with a lip brush so it won’t look too vampy or goth if this is your concern, but I have to say that I’m feeling comfortable, elegant and sophisticated with blackened lips: it’s an attitude matter.


mac punk couture instigator



Hautecore is simply black. In some swatches it can seem quite sheer but I find that it’s more buildable than sheer on lips since I get easily a full coverage.  I’ve been looking for a good black from a long time but most black lipsticks are too creamy and bleeding or in general too cheesy. Hautecore has the best formula ever: it’s so smooth and glides on lips without effort, you don’t either need a lip pencil with it.


mac punk couture hautecore



If you like vampy lips I highly recommend these lipsticks because with this kind of colours an excellent quality is fundamental. If you don’t know how to rock them, I can suggest to do a simply but defined eye make up: a light, luminous colour on lid and a dark shade in the crease, then a classic cat-eye eyeliner. Bold lip colours need a perfect polished base, stay toned down with blush and play with contouring and highlighting.


mac punk couture haul

top: Hautecore
bottom: Instigator


Below you can see a comparison with and Nars Volga.


mac punk couture swatch

top to bottom: Hautecore, Instigator, Nars Volga, Diva



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  1. ok, non voglio Volga XD
    anche se mi sa che presi Instigator e Punk couture la mia quota vampy è finita XD

  2. what a great post! I have just bought instigator and I’ve never tried it yet, but I’m very pleased ’cause it’s purple with a warm undertone. Love your pics as usual

  3. Stupendi!
    Anche se penso che per me non vadano tanto bene, visto che ho le labbra un po’ troppo sottili

  4. Misato no, non volerlo che c’è di meglio :)
    anche secondo me con quei due sei a posto ;)

  5. claudiaserpe introducing ava’s world thanks! you’re so kind <3 
    Instigator is really lovely, indeed!

  6. SoColorful Questa collezione è davvero riuscita secondo me.
    Eh purtroppo i colori così scuri tendono a rimpicciolire :|

  7. kenderasiapiù che altro per me mi sembra caldo, comunque con questi due e Potent fig penso che la quota sia completa, specie visto che comunque uso più facilmente i brights :D

  8. Sabina Spielrein

    Ho cercato di resistere ma alla fine ho ceduto a Instigator… e meno male *_*
    Concordo in pieno su tutto ciò che hai scritto, è estremamente elegante e nonostante sia matte lo trovo confortevolissimo.
    Grazie per avermi creato il desiderio di Volga eh! XD

  9. shoppingandreviews

    Diva è stato il mio autoregalo natalizio e Instigator quello di compleanno <3
    In questo periodo ho le labbra secchissime e instigator lo uso con un balsamo labbra sotto, altrimenti risulta a chiazze, però ottima durata anche così!

    Amo i retromatte e i matte anch’io <3

  10. Sabina Spielrein hai fatto benone, io lo sto adorando *___*
    ahahhahh scusami XD però ti avverto che la texture non è il massimo!

  11. shoppingandreviews ohhh che bellissimi autoregali!
    l’altro giorno ho preso il primer per labbra – sempre di mac – e devo dire che migliora di molto la situazione!

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