Make-up and Styling Trends for The Holiday Season

Guest post by Cassie Brewer

The holidays are coming and they call to mind festive season glitz and glamour! Here are some top tips to sparkle at all the parties you attend while avoiding any fashion faux pas.

holiday season trends

Be Sparing with Shimmer

Yes, you love to shine but small doses of it will have a greater effect than if your makeup is full of shimmer. One of the big beauty trends this fall-winter season is to wear metallic colours on your eyes, such as in the form of bronze, gold, or silver eye shadow. This is a striking look but you should make sure the rest of your makeup, such as your lipstick, doesn’t clash. Keep your lips and blush matte to balance out the shine.

If you like to apply shimmer after foundation, a more subtle version of it that won’t be too dramatic for Thanksgiving is to choose highlighter. Simply dab it onto the most prominent areas of your face: your forehead, the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones and jawline. Blend it well with your foundation. Highlighter is also a great product if your face is showing signs of tiredness these holidays as it gives you an instant glow.

Avoid the Big Match

You might think your makeup should match your clothing, but you should actually do the opposite. What this means is that if your clothing is very flashy, your makeup should be subtle. For instance, if your dress is filled with colour and shine, you should keep your makeup subtle so that the two don’t compete. If you have a simple but chic little black dress, bring colour to your makeup to add personality.

holiday season trends

Keep Your Lips Luscious All Evening

There’s nothing worse than lipstick that fades, especially when the colours of the season are bold berry and red shades. To prevent from happening, apply lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick and cover your entire lips with it. Then, dab a bit of powder onto your lips, before applying another coat of lip liner followed by lipstick. Since you’re going to be eating and drinking lots, it also helps to carry a gloss in the same shade as your lipstick so that if some of your lipstick does fade a bit, a dab of gloss can revive it.

Play Up Your Brows

Gorgeously sculpted brows are the staple of a stunning face. If you’re keen on minimalist makeup, brows are one of the easiest ways to update your look. In fact, it has been said that having great brows can give you an instant face-lift! After plucking away stray hairs underneath your brows, apply a tinted brow gel along the brow in an upwards motion to further define them.

holiday season trends

Bejewel Your Hair!

When thinking about what jewelry to wear to holiday parties, don’t neglect adding a piece to your hair. Floral crowns, pearls, and headbands are some ideas of gorgeous pieces that will add radiance to your hair while making your hairstyle even more stylish. Choose a hair accessory that contains gemstones and match it to other jewelry or makeup you’re wearing for a chic spin on things. For instance, if you have amethyst stones in your hair accessory, it will look gorgeous when paired with a berry-toned lipstick.

Work the Statement Piece

Statement necklaces are popular this season, whether in the form of chokers, chunky chains, or necklaces with pearls to add a touch of sophistication. There’s something for everyone depending on the look you wish to create. A statement necklace is a great way to bring attention to yourself, but make sure that if you choose to wear one you keep the rest of your jewelry to a minimum. Other pieces you decide to wear need to be like backup dancers accentuating the performance of the main item but never taking attention away from it.

Choose Black Jewelry

Although silver and other metals keep your look fresh, black jewelry is a stunning holiday jewelry idea because it will match everything you wear. Experiment with the stacking trend by piling on black rings or bracelets. You can also change the entire look of an outfit by pairing black pieces with other jewelry. For instance, wearing black bracelets with a leather cuff gives you an edgy, rocker-like style; on the other hand, black rings stacked with rose gold rings will add warmth and a feminine touch. Rose gold is a big trend for the year and it looks great when worn with darker elements so don’t be afraid to experiment.
Beauty tips and accessories can give you a stylish edge this festive season so choose them wisely.




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