Manifesto by YSL

Some days ago I’ve been at Manifesto’s – the new perfume from YSL – launch in Milan.


This new scent comes in a super purple packaging and the sophisticated redhead beauty Jessica Chastain as signature.


is the manifesto of femininity as seen by Yves Saint Laurent for women who invent their lives at every moment.

A floreal, sweet  warm scent: it begins with a bouquet of jasmine punctuated by green notes then it leads towards a bold trail combining wood, vanilla and tonka beans.

On me, jasmine leaves quickly its place to a sweet vanilla – not girly, really grown up – with warm woody undernotes.

Since it’s an eau de parfum, YSL Manifesto is a strong scent that can be overwhelming it you use too much.


6 Responses to “Manifesto by YSL”

  1. shoppingandreviews scrive:

    da annusare, mi incuriosisce parecchio la descrizione *_*

  2. makeupnonsolo scrive:

    Non l’ho ancora annusato….ma sono molto curiosa

  3. Misato scrive:

    lo voglio provare, tra l’altro ho visto prima la pubblicità in tv, stupenda e tutta violosa *________*

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