As I promised, here it is my Michele Magnani interview, senior for Mac cosmetics Italy.


Michele Magnani interview

First of all I want to say that it’s been a great, great pleasure to had the chance to talk with a such great professional, an amazing artist and an incredible kind-hearted person. Here we are talking about a real artist which view unifies beauty and art and he creates art in a such incredible way that I see, at last, the difference between a Make up “real” Artist and those whoms just know how to use blush and eyeshadow.

But it’s been an extremely high level human experience, so many thanks, Michele; for me it’s been a honour.

Let’s start with the interview now, are you curious?


Me: How did you start this work, fromwhich came the idea of becoming a make up artist?

Michele: When I was a child my mom was used to take me with her to beauty consultants, makeovers etc. I was already fond with drawing, and I was drawing always women’s faces or abstract landscapes where colour was predominant. For me it’s always been essential touch colour, in a very physical way. I was already trying to create volumes using shading techniques. Then, I started to make up my mother and my sister. Those moments were my favourites: there was a totally intimate atmosphere, those were our moments in which we talk about our own dreams, segrets, thoughts, feelings…

When I finished highschool I started travelling around the world, I had thirst of knowledge, I wanted to learn everyting and make experiences. I was pretty shy so this had been a great trial for me. After some time I returned to Italy, in Milan where I start working in a shop but unfortunately I couldn’t afford any make up school. I came back home but then I left away again, for Australia. I kept on travelling all aroun the world as entertainer, in which occasion I did makeups again. When I came back to Italy I attended an amateur theatrical course and then, again, I did makeups and I attended a make up school. Finally, a friend of mine told me Mac cosmetics was looking for make up artists; the rest of the story is well known: I did my entirely carrier, step by step, in Mac cosmetics until I became senior mua.

[Breaking News: soon it will be launced a Michele’s faves mini collection, avaible in selected Mac locations]


Me: What do you love mostly about your work?

Michele: There are two things. One is a physical aspect: I love the physical throb which colours give to me; I love touching colours, I love handling them. On the other side there is relationship with people: it is a very intimate one, in which there is no barrier, no shield. People can be truly themselves and I try to understand what they think about themselves, what is the idea of beauty they’re thinking of; people feel free to express their inner personality and I have to pull out their inner beauty, what kind of person they want to be, even if they don’t say it loudly. I have to listen to people’s desires and feel their feeling, to show them through make up.


Me: What do you mean for “ugly” make up? There is a beauty trend you can’t stand?

Michele: Make up is only an instrument for make us more beautiful and it’s our decision to establish what beauty is for us. We are not slaves of make up trends. We have to use make up to feel better and beautiful. There is no “ugly” or “wrong” make up: the only important thing is contextualize. If we can contextualize make up with our look, mood and personality, then it’s ok. Harmony is the only thing that matters. So make up is really subjective, it helps to pull out our personality.


Me: What are your top 5 products you can’t live without?

Michele: Prep + Prime Highlighter, Studio Sculpt Foundation (mixed with a bit of Face & Body), Haute & Naughty Mascara, Ruby Woo Lipstick (paired with Cherry Lip Liner) and Fluidline (Blacktrack or other colours).


Me: If you have no time for a complete make up what don’t you absolutely quit?

Michele: A good face base and a bright lipstick and you’ll be ok.


Me: You just came back from Paris Haute Couture Week, some thoughts on it for us?

Michele: It was a mix of retro and avant-garde, learned handcraft met new generation textiles. Make up had to be in harmony with it and since every dress is a real unique piece of art so it is make up: every concept was unique. Everything was wrapped in a dreamlike, fantastic atmosphere, it seemed to be in a 3D movie!



So, I hope you enjoied this interview and thanks again to Michele.


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