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Some weeks ago, I’ve been at the event for the launch of Mille, the new range from . Mille – 1000 – is dedicated for an over 40 woman, whom has a skin that deserves more attention, more nutrition and more pleasant sensations.


is a super treat plenty of actives, from precious white truffle on which TOP.Cmg complex is based. Mille Crème actively reduce wrinkles, moisturize skink and soften skin.

All of these effetcs – which work in depth, not only on the surface – come from, as I previously said, from:

– Truffle for moisturize

– Pure Gold for luminize

– Peptides and Cellactivator for anti-aging action

Plus: Shea butter, Hyaluronic acid, Urea, Staminal cells, Isoflavonoids, Macadamia oil, Panthenol, Vitamin E and many others.


You can use Mille Crème with but you can use Mille Serum alone if you have oily/combination skin and you find creams too heavy for you.


At the event, I had the chance to take a look at Maria Galland’s make up collection too. You can find it at beauty centre. Colours are really sophisticated and easy to be used even if you are not a make up pro. Furthermore there is also a special Holiday collection with sparkly accents.


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  1. Tani scrive:

    I’ve never heard of that but the products look really good ! XX

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