Nars Fall 2013 Collection and New Products Roundup


I think that is the most interesting brand for this Fall upcoming. In fact, we’ll have not only the usual Fall Collection but also a tons of brand new products meant to be permanent.

Are you ready for all this amount of colour?


Let’s start with the Colour Collection:

Single Eyeshadow:

  • Bavaria (shimmer) – deep sea blue
  • Yamal (matte) – maple sugar
  • Kamchatka (matte) – navy smoke
  • Namibia (matte) – grey moon


Velvet Matte Lip Pencils:

  • Paimpol – pink chiffon
  • Mysterious Red – crimson red


Pure Matte Lispticks:

  • Peloponnese – ginger pink
  • La Paz – orchid


Larger Than Life Long Wear Eyeliner:

  • Via De’ Martelli – chocolate
  • Las Ramblas – yellow gold


Nail Polishes:

  • Fury (opaque) – regal purple
  • Galathée (opaque) – dove grey




Gifting Collection


Ride Up To The Moon Palette:

  • Argentina
  • Isolde
  • Night Porter
  • Biarritz
  • Fez
  • Cordura


Fairy’s Kiss Palette:

  • Monosque
  • Kalahari
  • Brousse
  • Tokyo
  • Brumes
  • Pandora



Sephora Exclusive Blush Palettes


Realm Of The Senses






LA Set and Blush Palettes



  • Deep Throat
  • Abyssinia
  • Etrusque
  • Outremer
  • Bali
  • Laguna
  • Trouville
  • Turkish Delight


Adult Content Blush Palette:

  • Zen
  • Miss Liberty
  • Desire
  • Deep Throat


Killing Me Softly:

  • Gilda
  • Albatross
  • Orgasm
  • Outlaw



New Brow Products


Brow Perfector:

  • Salzbourg
  • Kalamata
  • Caucase
  • Suriname


Brow Gel:

  • Oural
  • Athens
  • Piraeus
  • Kinshasa



Radiant Cream Compact Foundation:

  • Siberia
  • Mont Blanc
  • Gobi
  • Deauville
  • Fiji
  • Ceylan
  • Punjab
  • Vallauris
  • Santa Fe
  • Stromboli
  • Barcelona
  • Syracuse
  • Tahoe
  • Cadiz
  • Macao
  • New Guinea
  • Trinidad
  • New Orleans
  • Benares
  • Karthoum


Eye Paints:

  • Black Valley – black
  • Interstellar – silver
  • Iskandar – gold
  • Mesopotamia – brown
  • Mozambique – olive
  • Snake Eyes – black with green shimmers
  • Solomon Islands – turquoise blue
  • Tatar – black with purple shimmers
  • Transvaal – grey
  • Ubangi – black with blue shimmers



While I’ve been highly disappointed from the Colour Collection, I confess I’m deeply in love with Fairy’s Kiss Palette, I hope I’ll get it soon! And I’m intrigued of New Radiant Creamy Compact, Nars has always a great shade selection. Eye paints are interesting too, every brand has its cream pot eyeshadows, I wonder if these will stay on without crease!

2 Responses to “Nars Fall 2013 Collection and New Products Roundup”

  1. Misato scrive:

    la colour collection sulla carta è interessante, live… Bavaria è meraviglioso, Misterious Red è carino (ma non tanto originale), il resto è blah. (La Paz è brutto)
    curiosa dei cosi in crema pure io, se avessero una texture tale da farne eyeliner se ne potrebbe parlare.

  2. kenderasia scrive:

    Misato io voglio solo tantissimo quella dannata palette °°  chissà se arriverà da sephora…

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