Today I’ll talk about a DIY nourishing body scrub and how to do it.

Last month I finished my beloved Geomar body scrub and I wanted to try some DIY homemade scrub. I’m pretty happy about the result: this scrub is incredibly moisturizing and nourishing, I don’t ever need my cream lotion after the shower! So I highly recommend it 😀

So in this post you’ll find my recipe in order to make your own the most nourishing body scrub you can think of 😀

Ingredients are all easy to find and quite cheap if you don’t choose super pricey vegetal oils. Of course you can do instead a super luxury nourishing body scrub also, if you put in it some precious and rare oil. But it will be always cheaper than any spa treatment or high end cosmetic 😀



You’ll need following ingredients:

250g coarse salt

250g sugar

100ml macadamian oil (or you can choose your favourite oil; every vegetal organic oil is good for this, simply choose the one which you prefer)

3 tbs melted shea butter

essential oils (patchouli, ylang ylang, petitgrain, lemon ecc.) of your choice; this step is optional, but essential oils can add not only the fragrance to the nourishing body scrub but also important aids against body fat, for lymphatic system, the blood flow etc. So I highly reccomend to put some essential oil in this nourishing body scrub but be careful with the possible contraindications!


How to do the nourishing scrub:

Melt in a clean bowl the salt and the sugar and add your essential oils. Melt the shea butter and add it to the mixture along with the macadamian oil. Mix it all and it’s done! It’s super easy, isnt’it? 😀

Apply the scrub on wet skin (if you use warm watter it’s better) and then rinse off. Your skin will be moisturized, nourishing and extremely smooth!

If you don’t know where to find some ingredients, you can find a lot of oils, butters and essential oils at AromaZone 😉


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