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Italian brand (for non-Italian readers: you can find Neve Cosmetics products at various international e-shop such as BeautyChamber, Cutecosmetics, Cocktail Cosmetics etc.) launched some days ago Occhioni, the natural volume .

If you have or simply you prefer completely natural products you don’t have many choices when it comes to mascara.

Occhioni may be a really good option since it has formula: no fragrance, no silicons, no parabens and no petroleum derivatives.

Plus, Neve Cosmetics’ Occhioni has a lot of good ingredients for your lashes: carnauba wax, beeswax, oat, cherry oil, cellulose, mineral pigments and tocopherol.


Personally, I bought Occhioni because I have quite sensitive eyes and I thought that a with good ingredients could have been a good choice for everyday use without stressing my eyes too much.

Occhioni has a curious brush made of 5 spheres so you can reach every single lash even the shorter ones.

With the first coat you have a real natural finish: lashes are curved and separated. I prefer a second coat to have more volume and length. Lashes never clump and you have a full soft effect. You can do also a third coat but I can’t see any difference.

It is not liquid at all, at first I thought it might be dried out but I think it’s just dense and thick because it works very well. It gives more definition – with the brush you can pick each lash – and length than volume but I find that it gives a quite dramatic effect and lashes remain lightweight. Mind that this mascara is not waterproof! So if it’s particularly hot it may smudge!

I bought Occhioni during the launch offer on the official site Neve Cosmetics and I paid it only 9.87 euro 😉


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  1. dramanmakeup scrive:

    Sembra davvero molto interessante! Penso proprio che lo acquisterò. Grazie della review :*

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