Pampering Sunday Tips

How wonderful taking a Sunday only for yourself is? After a week full of endless work, always in a hurry and going crazy you deserve a little time to spend pampering in total relax at home all by yourself. Take a look at these tips for a perfect pampering Sunday.


pampering sunday

Pampering Sunday



If you’re not the high maintenance type you may find these tips easy and useful, in order to enjoy a couple of hours in total tranquillity, without stressing out over ‘needs to’ ‘have tos’ even whent it comes to beauty and lovely things. Taking care of yourself is always the most important thing, because you deserve your love.

You may want to start your pampering Sunday with warm shower. Take it slowly and spend some minutes to polish your body. I really like Eisenberg Gel Exfoliant Corps* because it is extremely gentle on my sensitive skin. It removes all dead skin cells and your skin will appear completely renewed, incredibily smooth. It is a lightly foaming gel with vitamin-infused capsules.

Then take plenty of nourishment with Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream. It smells wonderfully, just like a fresh tropical juice. It is a real aromatherapy treatment, indeed. It leaves your skin glowing and fragrant, without any oily residual. It contains Avocado oil, Wild blackcurrant berry and Hibiscus flower.

Now it’s time to pamper your face. I like using chemical exfoliation on a daily basis and I’ve always been skeptical towards exoliators with particles because I had so many bad experiences in the past. They were always too harsh on my sensitive skin. But I completely changed my mind when I tried Eisenberg Instant Smoothing Exfoliator*. It’s a gel exfoliator with particles of Volcanic Rock combined with Vitamin E. It instantly reveal an extremely soft and clean skin. It gets rid off all impurities and stimulates cellular renewal.

After exfoliation the keyword is: moisturizing. Facial serums are your best friend and this Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future Caplet Serum* gives your skin all the hydration you need with a single pump. The result is an extremely bright and luminous, well rested complexion. Little dyschromias are less evident.

Now you’ve got baby soft skin just relax on a sofa with a couple of candles, a Yankee Candle tart burning, your favourite tea (mine is Kusmi) and a good book (mine at the moment is Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles). And simply enjoy your pampering Sunday.

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