Yesterday I tried this mask and I was really surprised with the result.

Low-cost, easy to do, few ingredients.

Amazing result: my skin was smooth, deeply purified and de-stressed.

I said three ingredients:

  • Honey: keeps skin moisturized, it is anti-bacterial so effective against impurities and it is a source of antioxidants (it helps the skin to rejuvenate).
  • Starch: it absorbs oil without being aggressive and it is calming for irritated skin: it leaves skin soft.
  • Pink Clay: it is more sweet than classic clay and it doesn’t dry out skin; it purifies gently oily skin without any irritation.



  1. take a clean bowl
  2. mix:

3. add a bit of water, you need a creamy texture not too liquid

4. apply on your face and remove it after 30 min.


Then, your skin will be purified, soft, nourished, and youthful 😀

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