I know, I know: everyone is talking about these (in)famous Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting finish lipsticks.



I hope you won’t get annoyed but I want to put my two cents.

I’m absolutely in love with matte lipstick. It is known (cit.).

So, everyone was going to talking about them and when I saw them in my counter I couldn’t resist XD

Those with black case (the luminous ones) didn’t attract me too much but when I saw matte ones (red case) I was sold.


Rimmel Kate Moss


I chose 111 Kiss of Life, a warm – but not too much – red. I’ve always been scared of warm reds and in my stash there are only cherry – cool reds.

But when I saw Kiss of Life, I thought I could give it a try. Texture seemed amazing and colour too.

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lasting Finish in 111 Kiss of Life is a warm but well balanced red, that doesn’t lead orange.


Rimmel Kate Moss


Finish is not a flat matte but more satin. Texture is really smooth, it glides on lips easily with full colour coverage. It lasts well for about 7 hours, even after eating, then it leaves a nice stain.

Here you can see the swatch with a comparison with a really cool toned red: the infamous and beloved Mac Ruby Woo 🙂


Rimmel Kate Moss

on top: Rimmel Kate Moss n°111 Kiss of Life
on the bottom: Mac Ruby Woo


I find that cool reds are still better on my skintone but I can also pull off this warmer red since it’s not orangey at all, it’s not Lady Danger if you know what I mean.

Have you ever tried these Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks? I think they’re worth they hype, plus they’re really cheap and on Asos or Feelunique you can often find them on sale 😉

For me, I think I’ll get one more, maybe a pink in a my lips but better style…


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