Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour Sin – Laura Mercier


Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour is a new lipstick range from Laura Mercier. This is what’s stated on Laura Mercier official website:

Laura re-invents lipstick with this 100% wax-free lip colour that delivers pure, long-lasting breathable colour and comforts with lip-nourishing hydration. The light-as-air formula feels completely weightless on lips.

So the wax-free formula delivers pure colour without any heavy, sticky or plastic-like feeling. The Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour is avaible in 15 shades with three different finishes: sheer, matte and crème. You can recognize the finish because every shade name begins with the same letter as its finish; so today I’m going to talk about Sin* which has a sheer finish.


Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour Sin - Laura Mercier


Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour Sin - Laura Mercier


When I saw the Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour range at the counter I immediately fell in love with Sin. In the tube – a sleek, minimal and extremely elegant burgundy tube – it seems like a super dark plum but since it’s sheer it’s semi-transparent but still buildable to a lovely berry shade. I think it’s a quite unique finish because even it’s sheer it is completely matte, so you get a velvet veil of colour on your lips. If you desire a stronger berry colour you can build the colour easily and the weightless formula doesn’t get clumpy.


Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour Sin - Laura Mercier


Sin is not the rigth lipstick if you’re looking for a vampy plum colour but it’s the perfect natural, muted – but still deep in some ways – berry shade with a foolproof formula that doesn’t dry out lips.

Lasting power is quite good: it lasts well for about 4 hours, then it fades leaving a pretty, natural berry stain.

Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour price is high since Laura Mercier is a high end brand: it’s sold at $25 / £20 / €27.



6 Responses to “Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour Sin – Laura Mercier”

  1. shoppingandreviews scrive:

    Forse dico una sciocchezza ma mi ricorda Hot Tropics di MAC (o sarà che mi sono fissata con questo rossetto e lo vedo ovunque XD)
    Mi piace molto!

  2. kenderasia scrive:

    shoppingandreviews  Hot Gossip intendi? Hot Tropics non mi sovviene quale sia ?.?
    rispetto a Hot Gossip questo è più scuro e “prugnoso”

  3. shoppingandreviews scrive:

    kenderasia shoppingandreviews  sono una scema, intendevo Hot Tahiti 😀 mi sa che ho bisogno di una vacanza xD

  4. kenderasia scrive:

    shoppingandreviews ahhh sì, gli assomiglia 😀

  5. SoColorful scrive:

    I prodotti laura mercier mi incuriosiscono tanto ma purtroppo non li posso vedere da vicino! Questo rossetto sembra F A N T A S T I C O, anche solo per il concetto wax-free!

  6. kenderasia scrive:

    SoColorful  eh peccato che si trovino in così pochi punti vendita! vendono online sul sito di Saccani però capisco che vedere le cose dal vivo è tutta un’altra cosa :)

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