Vintage Romance collection by Sleek

Vintage Romance Collection

I’m not really in love with Sleek i-divine palettes. It’s strange, indeed. Everyone seems to love them. They’re cheap, they’re pigmented, they last on an entire day without primer… but I found them too powdery and some colours too frosty and cheap-like. I only tried Oh so special and Bad Girl i-divine palettes though. I used up Oh so special palette, because I used it a lot during my trip due to work, but I can’t get myself using Bad Girl because I find that a lot of colours don’t blend at all, some are too frosty and some stain my lid. It’s a pity because shades are great in my opinion.

Neither Ultra Mattes vol. 2 called my name and you all know my love for matte finish and deep, dark colours (even if I’ll maybe get this one in the future…). But this Vintage Romance limited edition really caught up my attention.

collection is the fall 2013 collection from the English brand and it’s all base on my favourite inspiration: vintage, victorian age, romance. Soft neutral colours with deep and dark undertones, kinda gloomy with purple touches. Indeed my cup of tea.

And the blush is really pretty too! It reminds me a bit Nars Douceur or maybe Sin (which both I already have to review!) those earthy rose which works so well in defining cheekbones still looking natural… For sure I don’t need another blush, but I never tried Sleek ones and I always hear good things about them. Plus they’re cheap.

So, what do you think about this collection? Are you getting something from it? It’ll be launched in September, just a few days to wait!


vintage romance

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette

vintage romance

Sleek Vintage Romance Blush Antique


3 Responses to “Vintage Romance collection by Sleek”

  1. shoppingandreviews scrive:

    temo di avere già qualche tono di questa palette…ma mi piace tanto e quasi certamente la prenderò *.* io faccio parte di quelle che amano le palette Sleek, sono un po’ polverose, soprattutto le prime uscite, ma non è un problema (sarà che con i pigmenti faccio certi disastri che il fatto siano compatti è già un sollievo XD)

  2. kenderasia scrive:

    shoppingandreviews è proprio tanto bellina *___* io credo farò un pensiero anche sul blush, non ne ho mai provati della sleek…

  3. shoppingandreviews scrive:

    kenderasia shoppingandreviews io ne ho due! uno opaco e uno shimmer, solo questo sfarina un pochino, ma li ho trovati adorabili per packaging, pigmentazione e durata! in realtà ne ho un terzo in arrivo lol XD

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