Summer Dresses 2016: Trends and Styles*

Bid sweet farewell to rainy days, muddy streets, and multi-layered clothes. It’s now time to welcome the bright, sunny days of summer with cool, airy dresses and skirts. Refresh your wardrobe by bringing out your old summer dresses and shopping for new ones. This way, you’re always ready for lazy weekends by the shore, warm evening strolls, and light nature excursions.Celebrate the warmth of the season by being in style. Here are some of the hottest styles and trends when it comes to summer dresses.

1. Floral Prints

Despite their strong association with spring fashion, flower prints still haven’t lost their effect for summer 2016. Brighten up your day by donning dresses printed with blooms of all sizes and colors. Pastel-colored dresses made of light fabrics are great for spending days out in the park or beach. But if you’re heading to the office, you may want to go with a more formal but equally fresh look. Black maxi dresses with long sleeves and micro floral blooms present a balance of fun and professional.

2. Ethnic Patterns

Aside from flowers, ethnic patterns are also proving to be popular for this summer. Inspired by tribal textiles and embroidery patterns, these dresses carry bold color combinations and silhouettes of exotic plants and animals. Some of the dresses are also made of metallic fabrics or those with earth and sunset colors. Most reach to the ankles and look great when paired with gladiator sandals. Statement accessories, such as wooden bangles and metal jewelry, can also be added to complete the look.

3. Bold Stripes

Shopping for dresses with big, bold stripes is a good choice when you’re planning to head to the beach for a few days of proper rest and relaxation. Find ones with color combinations that are easy on the eyes, such as white and blue or red. Instead of solid colors, you can also go with sunset- and sky-themed hues. You also have a lot of choices with regards to the types of stripes. There’s the Repp stripe typically associated with school uniforms, the Breton stripe popularized by French naval uniforms, the playful and colorful Candy stripe and, of course, the pinstripe.

4. Boho Dresses in Pastel Colors

Comfort and style come together in pastel-colored bohemian dresses this summer. Bask in the sun while enjoying the feel of soft and airy fabrics on your skin. Bring life and color wherever you go with dresses that share colors with fruits and sorbet flavors. For the full effect, try experimenting with different sleeves and necklines, such as halter tops and bell sleeves. To complete your summer look, try wearing makeup that goes well with the weather. The season and these dress styles offer plenty of chances to show a bit of skin, and you can capitalize on that by highlighting your best features. Prepare beforehand by finding skincare products that complement your skin type. This way, you can stop worrying about reapplying your makeup when you’re in the middle of having fun in a farm, beach, or nature reserve.

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