Tender Shoots: spring-summer colour trend


Finally we’re arrived at the end of this sumer 2013 posts. The last colour is Tender Shoots, I would describe it as a lime colour and it makes me think about a refreshening mojito! Finding beauty and fashion items Tender Shoots inspired is not easy though, what do you think about this colour? I think that for my style Tender Shoots colour is maybe too neon and strong, but I can think about it for a single touch in my look; for example I’m in love with those Nike running shoes Flyknit, I think I absolutely need them for my workouts, seriously! Then I’m loving that Yankee Candle in Vanilla Lime, it’s so addictive, sweet but with a citrus twist that refreshens air. That Clarisonic Mia is really funny in a strong colour like Tender Shoots, it adds a touch of vitaminic sprint to morning beauty routine.

So, are you going to rock this Tender Shoots this summer? Or do you prefer softer, pastels and neutral colours? Well, maybe if it’s difficult to wear it, it’s a pleasure see this colour in a mojito drink in a summer night





Ralph Lauren Collection zip jacket


Topshop mini skirt


NIKE running shoes


Ole henriksen cream

Weleda body wash

Yankee Candle Large vanilla lime housewarmer candle

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