Fatal Illusion d’Ombre – Chanel


Chanel knows always well what to do. Especially when it comes to choose shades for a collection and the concept itself. For the Holiday 2013 collection, Chanel chooses to launch two new Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadows and one of these is Fatal. As always, Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadows are always really complex shades, very difficult to describe and also photograph. I’d describe Fatal as a multi-dimensional burgundy-taupe. That kind of colour I usually go mad for. It’s full of micro-shimmers – not really glitters – that reflects the light and it’s one of the most enlighting stuff I’ve ever put on my lids. It brightens your eyes just like a sort of magic and makes my brown eyes full of beautiful reflections. Since I bought Fatal I used it almost every day during last month. It has the well known Illusion d’Ombre unique texture: a sort of spongey mousse which is not cream nor powder.


chanel fatal


chanel fatal


Fatal is different from every other taupe shade I own. It’s really warm that leads towards burgundy but it’s not as red, though it’s not as grey as usual taupes. Plus it contais micro gold and multi-coloured shimmers. You can use Fatal alone to achieve a perfect make up look, simple and elegant without much effort. I usually wear it alone as wash on my lids, blended out in a smoky effect. Then I add a lot of mascara and I have big, luminous eyes.


chanel fatal


chanel fatal


Though, Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadows are really, really expensive. I suggest you to wait for some Sephora discount code to get them at a more reasonable price. But there’s also another downside: they’re not waterproof nor really long lasting. On me Fatal lasts well for about 4-5 hours before creasing without a primer. With a primer it lasts all day long without any problem but since it’s so expensive I’d expected a better performance.


2 Responses to “Fatal Illusion d’Ombre – Chanel”

  1. Vanity Nerd scrive:

    Uao *_*
    commento utilissimo, ma uao è tutto ciò che riesco a dire. Forse su di me non starebbe benissimo, però è davvero una tonalità fantastica. (Anche la consistenza è adorabile)

  2. kenderasia scrive:

    Vanity Nerd chanel di solito fa questo effetto anche a me XD

    non riesco mai a resistere ai borgogna…

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