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Mac Lightscapade MSF: review and swatches

MSF was my first Mac purchase ever. I can still remember the emotion: in Italy was almost unknown and I was so excited in getting into the “pro world”! I remember me looking at it just like some magic item, so beautiful with that opalescent colour with those pastel veins. I’ve always thought it was extremely elegant and classy, it make me feel like an ethereal magician-princess from a fantasy world far away.

Mac Lightscapade MSF‘s first appearance was in Danse collection and it became a cult pruduct since it has never been repromoted for many years until a couple of years ago. Then we saw Lightscapade again in some collection and it’s still present nowadays in Hayley Williams collection. Here in Italy it would be permanent but we are still uncertain, can you confirm it from other countries? I’m so happy about it because I don’t know what to do if I ever finish it up.

I have the orignal (2006) version so I don’t know how actual version is, but msf may vary sinche they always have irregular veins. As you can see my Lightscapade is still perfect. I don’t collect make up and I do use it, believe me :D it is simply impossible to go through it. And this is the reason I don’t buy back ups.

Mac Lightscapade MSF consist in a translucent sheen, slightly tone correcting wiht its yellow, pink and lavender veins. The concept is really similar to Guerlain’s Meteorites. It can be use as a chic and subtle , since it does not have obvious shimmers, but if you’re really fair you can use it also all over your face: you won’t seem a discoball but you’ll have a soft light focus all over your face.


mac lightscapade msf

mac lightscapade msf

What do you think about it? Do you like this kind of subtle highlighter or do you prefer more glittery or metallic ones?

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  1. shoppingandreviews

    le msf sono meravigliose, valgono tutti i soldi che costano *.* anche la mia soft & gentle sembra ancora nuova XD e anch’io non compro backup per lo stesso motivo!

  2. E’ uno dei miei preferiti e realisticamnete quello che uso di più insieme a Candlelight. Ho una piccola collezione di MSF ma questo è uno dei pochi davvero imperdibili secondo me :)

  3. C’è poco da fare, secondo me batte tutte le MSF a mani basse *___* 
    Ma non ho ancora capito una cosa, è diventata permanente o me lo sono sognata?

  4. a me attira dalla prima volta che l’ho vista ma essendo enorme son riuscita a resisterle… troppo bella!

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