Molinard: niche perfumery from Grasse

I’ve always been emotionally attached to Molinard, because it always recalls memories when I was used to spend holidays in Provence. Grasse was always a beloved stop over with visits to Molinard‘s factory.

Molinard has been an independent family House since 1849. Five generations have settled in Grasse, the universal cradle of perfume. It was on these domains that the history of perfume was born.
Over the centuries, tanning was the main industry in Grasse: the 17th century fashion for scented gloves led to the creation of the Grasse perfumeries.

Alongside their iconic perfumes such as Habanita, at Esxence 2015 I was able to smell their newest collection: La Collection Privée. The leather is the essential element which is the base for this collection to do homage to Grasse, city of tanners and only then city of perfumers. There are 5 fragrances in this collection where each of them expresses a duality. The packaging evokes Grasse and Provence as well: the purple coffret recalls iris, violets and lavender, while the bottle reflects the sunlight. This bottle is inspired by Cloche model that was created by Baccarat for Molinard back in 1948.




This collection tells of Molinard‘s knowledge, their passion, demands, memories, feelings and their love for this business. It’s a torch, a baton, which they pass on from generation to generation. An invitation to go beyond the fragrance; an awakening of the senses and the imagination; a curiosity which increases our demands, makes us more aware, more alert to what is making the difference.

A collection rich in symbols: copper is reminiscent of the stills where the flowers are transformed, and give up their precious elixir; the violet represents the identity of the brand, its strength and its foundations; the historic flask is drawn from our inheritance, refreshed with the tastes of today.

Art is the material which leads to excellence, luxury in its raw state. Each perfume has a story, an inspiration; but all five have Molinard‘s legacies and values in common. Each of them has been made in the old way, according to tradition, with their only support being leather: it’s from there that they draw their strengths and their characters, an osmosis between materials.
Neither masculine nor feminine, they invite us in to the alchemy between perfume and us.

Through this private collection, Molinard pays tribute to the history of the Grasse perfumeries. It initiates you into an aromatic journey worthy of Proust’s Madeleine:

“Perfume is a work of art, born of emotion, passion – even provocation.
“A creation which transcends you, and makes you unique, beyond the realms of the temporary and of appearances”.

Five fragrances, five journeys, five different emotions, all made from the finest and rarest natural materials.

Let’s see La Collection Privée‘s fragrances in detail.


Cher Wood

Oriental Woody. Sensual, enveloping, enigmatic. It is like a trip through secondary roads. Warm and determined, it reveals its nomadic soul. Top notes are fruits and flowers; middle notes are cedar, patchouli, sandalwood and oud; base notes are vetiver, cedar, amber and madagascar vanilla.


Ambré Lumière

Oriental Musk. Enveloping, soft, voluptuous. It is pleasing and and solar, so much spicy. It recalls an oriental dream, a legendary myth. All in it is so romantic and polished. Top notes are coriander, almond, eucalyptus and lemon; middle notes are amber, rose and ylang-ylang; base notes are vetiver, benzoin, patchouli, musk and tolu balsam.


Acqua Lotus

Floral Aquatic. Indefinable, reflective, revitalising. It makes you feel travelling far away. It opens space and evokes escape and freedom. The energy of the water in it pulls you into deep abyss. Top notes are lemon, black currant, pepper, sea notes and red berries; middle notes are jasmine, turkish rose and flowers; base notes are musk, sandalwood and white cedar extract.


Rose Émois

Floral Woody. Silky, elegant, magnetic. It is an intimate fragrance which put in contact two human beings. Top notes are bergamot, mint and almond; middle notes are jasmine, rose, saffron and ylang-ylang; base notes are musk, sandalwood, amber and ylang-ylang.


Secret Sucré

Oriental Gourmand. Carnal, gourmand, warm. Probably my favourite from the bunch. It is secretely sweet and powdery. A playful and insolent whispered sensuality. Top notes are nougat and powdery notes; middle notes are jasmine, cashmere wood and sandalwood; base notes are caramel, walnut, benzoin, amber, vanilla and tonka bean.

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