Nabla Cosmetics: H2O eyeshadows and Bombay Black eyeliner


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Nabla Cosmetics is a brand new Italian indie company born in December 2013. It’s immediately evident that there is a great team behind: professional, innovative and experienced. The creative director is a young make up artist, Daniele Lorusso best known as MrDanielmakeup on youtube.

Nabla Cosmetics products are sold in Italy and all European countries with courier. Paypal is accepted. Shipping costs are resumed at this page. At this moment they’re translating the site in English.

Products range is not complete but I think this is a bright side: they focused on few, really interesting products that can offer something new than other brands, such as liquid blush, liquid lipstick, velvet eyeliner, innovative eyeshadow formula.

Nabla Cosmetics concerns in creating their productswere three:

  • good ingredients
  • cruelty free & vegan
  • affordable prices

And for what I could see they hit the target.

I’d say that Nabla Cosmetics could be defined as a low cost brand, all products are cruelty free (mostly vegan) certified and they do not contain silicones, petrolatum, parabens, phthalates, pegs, edta.


Nabla Cosmetics: my picks

For my first order I wanted to try H2O eyeshadows and Velvetline eye pencil in Bombay Black.


Nabla Cosmetics Haul


H2O eyeshadows have a strange texture: not really a cream to powder effect, but they have a strong metallic pearl that look like liquid metal, a sort of pure pigment pressed.


Nabla Cosmetics H2O eyeshadows


I chose Daphne, a burgundy with red and berry reflects. I love burgundy eyeshadows but I don’t own anything similar to Daphne in my stash.


Nabla Cosmetics Daphne

Nabla Cosmetics Daphne swatch

Daphne swatch: left applied with fingers, right with MAC 239 brush

Nabla Cosmetics Daphne swatch comparisons

Left to right: Burberry Mulberry, Daphne (applied with fingers), Daphne (applied with a brush), Stila Barefoot Contessa.
On Top: Neve Cosmetics Carnaby Street


As you can see from comparisons (all swatches are dry and without primer) above, Daphne is a lot redder, more berry and less brown than Stila Barefoot Contessa and Burberry Mulberry. On top Neve Cosmetics Carnaby Street is more magenta with cool purple shimmers.


And then we have Prerogative, the perfect purple I’ve been looking for from ages. It’s a vibrant, cool purple with indigo undertones.


Nabla Cosmetics Prerogative

Nabla Cosmetics Prerogative swatch

Left: applied with fingers.
Right: applied with MAC 239 brush.

Nabla Cosmetics Prerogative swatch comparisons

Left to right: Prerogative (applied with fingers), Prerogative (applied with a brush), Inglot 388, Inglot 439.
On top: Urban Decay Flash.


It’s a quite unique colour isn’t it? You can see it compared to Inglot 388 (a lot cooler and matte) and Inglot 439 (warmer). On top there is Urban Decay Flash which is less pigmented, lighter and more lilac.

They have a great colour payoff, especially if you apply them with your fingers. If you prefer – as I do – a brush I highly recommend the MAC 239 so you can pack the colour on your eyelids. I tested them quickly without a primer and they last well for about 4 hours before creasing. With a primer they last for about 8 hours.

I have sensitive eyes and I didn’t experience any irritation.


My other purchase is the Velvetline eye pencil in Bombay Black. It’s a matte black eye pencil, just like velvet as stated. The colour payoff is amazing, even on the waterline: you can see below how it’s more black than MAC Feline. It’s claimed to be waterproof and you can see how it doesn’t smudge after I rubbed off.


Nabla Cosmetics Velvetline Bombay Black

Nabla Cosmetics Velvetline Bombay Black

Nabla Cosmetics Velvetline Bombay Black swatch comparisons

Left to right: Velvetline Bombay Black, MAC Feline, Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner.

Nabla Cosmetics Velvetline Bombay Black swatch comparisons

Left to right: Velvetline Bombay Black, MAC Feline, Laura Mercier Crème Eye Pencil after rubbing off.

7 Responses to “Nabla Cosmetics: H2O eyeshadows and Bombay Black eyeliner”

  1. SoColorful scrive:

    ah però la bombay black!

    Non ho preso Daphne perchè ho letto che col pennello si stendeva male e non mi sono fidata… a quanto pare ho sbagliato in pieno!

  2. kenderasia scrive:

    SoColorful  vero??

    Dipende *moltissimo* dal tipo di pennello, come vedi con quelli compatti a lingua di gatto non ci sono problemi 😉

  3. Misato scrive:

    kenderasia SoColorfulvan bene anche quelli tipo penna, io mi trovo bene con il London blending e col 226, i miei look già pubblicati son stati fatti TUTTI con pennelli.

  4. Misato scrive:

    4 ore senza primer? ç_________ç
    io dopo 4 ore con il primer già dico ciao, sono disperata ._.

    la Bombay Black spacca.

  5. kenderasia scrive:

    Misato  sigh .___.

    spacca sì, ora mi incuriosisce anche la Rocky per gli smoky…

  6. Misato scrive:

    kenderasia è buona! ma secondo me si presta anche la Bombay black ^^

  7. makeupnonsolo scrive:

    Bellissimo Daphne!!


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