Hi! Today’s post is the Perfect Tag. I saw this tag being very popular among Youtubers and it quickly became popular among beauty bloggers too, so here I am 😀

Firstly I didn’t know how to do this Perfect Palette Tag. Because I own several single eyeshadows depotted in custom palettes so I didn’t know if include them in this tag. In the end I decided to do the Perfect Palette Tag with “fixed” pre-made palettes I own right now. I decided to exclude palettes I’ve finished or I don’t own anymore and my custom palettes, because I always change eyeshadows in them. It will be a strange tag since I realized that all colourful eyeshadows I own are single depotted eyeshadows and I organized them in those custom palettes. They’re all from MAC cosmetics, Stila, Neve Cosmetics, TheBalm and Inglot. On the contrary, most of my pre-made palettes are neutrals, except for the TheBalm palette and the Sleek one, so it may seem a quite boring tag ^^’ but please mind that all my colours are in single pan form!


Perfect Palette Tag Questions

1. Best Packaging

Anastasia Beverly Hills Bold and Beautiful Kit: the packaging is simply amazing. It looks like an old, coffee-table book in two volumes.

Perfect Palette Tag

2. Best Colour Payoff

TheBalm Shady Lady vol. 2: all eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, you have to pick only a tiny amount of colour in order to achieve an intense look!

Perfect Palette Tag

3. Most Versatile

Nars Fairy’s Kiss: someone would not think about this one as the most versatile palette since it doesn’t have a great variety of colours but I couldn’t think about a more versatile palette for me: it’s tiny but it contains six eyeshadows, you can carry it everywhere and for me taupes are the most versatile colours in the world. You can choose among an extremely natural look, a sophisticated one and an intense smoky eyes.

Perfect Palette Tag

4. Best for Travelling

Naked Basics: I couldn’t understand why I didn’t buy this palette before. It’s tiny and lightweight, you can carry it in your purse and it contains all essential, basics colours. Plus they’re matte so you can’t go wrong in every kind of situations.

Perfect Palette Tag

5. Biggest Regret

Sleek Vintage Romance: Sleek palettes are pretty and cheap, you can’t help buying them. But every time I ended up regretting them. I always get too much fallout and in this palette prettiest colours are weakly pigmented. Sleek eyeshadows are always too powdery and they don’t blend easily. Such a pity because it has beautiful colours

Perfect Palette Tag

6. Best Color Names

Sleek Vintage Romance: I loved the concept and the naming, just perfect.

7. Least Used

Naked 2: when I bought it I was very happy with it, it seemed even prettier than Naked original. But I find that those cool grey colours don’t suit me well and a lot of colours are a bit too light. I really love the matte ones but they’re in the Naked Basics and there are prettier colours in Naked Original and Naked 3.

Perfect Palette Tag

8. Most Used

Naked Original: most used simply I own it from the longest time than the other palettes. I love using some colours from this one mixed up with some colours (purple, blue etc.).

Perfect Palette Tag

9. Most Loved

Naked 3: my most recent purchase and I feel that this will be my most all time beloved palette <3 colours are really made for me.

Perfect Palette Tag

10. Desert Island

Louise Young Essential Palette: it has a great colour payoff, it’s all matte, there are taupes, there are basic colours and you can mix and match them as you like. I’d only add a purple and a blue single eyeshadow to be completely happy in a desert island.

Perfect Palette Tag

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