Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence the Imperceptible Powder

I’m glad to announce that a new Rouge Bunny Rouge product has just been launched!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence, the Imperceptible Powder, is the uniquely delicate, tender, extended-wear medium coverage texture is highly blendable with a natural “bare skin but better” finish. Your trusted ally all day long, the brand-new compact powder is enriched with skin-protecting Vitamins E and C from Rose Hip Oil, and the potent anti-oxidant, regenerative and anti-wrinkle complex D’Orientine S.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence is available in four velvety, medium coverage shades on

The Imperceptible Powder is suitable for all skin types and feels comfortable and soft even on dry skin.

It is also free from parabens, silicones, and oils.


Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence the Imperceptible Powder

Rouge Bunny Rouge Evanescence the Imperceptible Powder


The story behind the product, directly from the Enchanted Garden…

You’re lucky if you happen to be in the
Enchanted Garden on a very particular day
that occurs unpredictably once in a lifetime:
unknown, inexplicable powers turn the moon
huge and unmoving in the silken sky. This
mysterious stellar event whispered about is
known as the Evanescence Moon.
Magnificent and gigantic, the unmoving moon
casts a magical light for one day and one night,
giving every resident, every creature in the
Enchanted Garden the gift of perfect beauty
and absolute bliss. If you stood there in the
glistening light of the Evanescence Moon
you’d see your skin become radiantly flawless,
ageless and soft.

Visions of angelic sophistication and
otherworldly happiness appear wherever the
magic moonlight descends to; happy laughter
and songs of admiration fill the air under
the Evanescence Moon. Once this benevolent
moon evanesces, its lingering magic causes
the most beguiling light phenomena across the
Enchanted Garden before it slowly fades.
The artists and court astrologers had decades
to seek and find a way to capture a fraction
of that wondrous magic and bind it to a
precious charm. Finally, it comes to you in the
matt black case of our Imperceptible Powder
EVANESCENCE: a soothing, anti-aging veil of
instant perfection that defies any explanation.



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