Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush

Today I want to talk about an unusual product about which I was really curious and a bit skeptical. I’m talking about a new Mizuho product but this time – surprise surprise! – it’s not a make up brush (don’t you know they’re amazing make up brushes? My review about them here). Today’s review is about their brush.

The product I’m talking about is called Shakuda Cleansing Brush*. It is supposed to help in cleaning the nose and all that area where blackheads and other imperfections usually gather. In other words, it is supposed to clear your pores.


Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush

Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush


We are overwhelmed right now by all kind of mechanical exfoliators and skincare brushes. Think about Clarisonic. I am a huge fan of Clarisonic (you can read my review here). It really helped my skin gettinge clearer and smoother. You may know that it – as all other skincare brushes, mechanical or manual – works as a mechanical exfoliator, opposed to chemical exfoliators (with AHA or BHA). I love Clarisonic because it leaves my skin really clean and it is very gentle at the same time.

So I was so curious to compare this Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush to Clarisonic. A manual vs a mechanical skincare brush.

First, my skin. It is quite complicated. I have an prone skin but it’s not combination – as I’ve always thought – but a bit dehydrated since I did a skin analysis at Milan Dibi Center. I also have a lot of enlarged pores. Maybe you don’t know but you can’t really get rid of your enlarged pores, it’s simply a genetic matter. All you can do is keeping them clean (and since they’re enlarged it’s really difficult) and trying to thighten them a bit to reduce their appearance. In this case I found out that a combo of mechanical and chemical exfoliators work the best.


Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush


Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush is handcrafted and made with pine squirrel hair in Kumano, Japan as all Mizuho brushes. There are a lot of manual skincare brushes on the market but they’re usually made of synthetic brushes or natural goat hair. This is the only skincare brush I’ve seen so far made with precious squirrel hair. As you know, squirrel hair are the most softest and the most delicate on skin. I was really worried that product could do nothing for my pores. I started using it in February and now I can give you a well grounded opionion on medium term use. My enlarged pores are really ‘stubborn’ and get dirty very quickly. Only a constant use of Clarisonic and a well-thought skincare routine keep my skin passable.

During this test time I stopped using Clarisonic and started using Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush once a day, in the evening. The first couple of days I didn’t see any remarkable change on my skin. I was worried that it would do no effective cleaning on my pores and that their condition could get worse. Nevertheless I persisted. The sensation is unbelievable pleasant, like a delicate yet effective massage on skin. I insisted on my trouble area around the nose, then I started using it all over my T-zone and I ended up using all over my face. Its size is really small and I need several minutes to completely clean my face. But its small size is the reason it is so effective. I started seeing some results within a week. The more I insisted on my nose area the more I could feel and see my pores getting cleaner and cleaner. After one month I got rid of all the most stubborn and barely visible blackheads, my pores were totally unclogged. I really don’t know if it is due to squirrel hair, the great handmade quality of the brush or the manual motion but the result is evident and undeniable. I spent my entire life struggling with my clogged pores and now for the first time I got rid of all of the smallest impurities even the hidden ones under the skin. I can hardly believe it! I think about the Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush as a sort of Clarisonic but better. Thanks to its small size you can reach all the most difficult areas and angles around the nose. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all, it is like a soft caress on skin with an extremely relaxing effect.


Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush


How to use Mizuho Shakuda Cleansing Brush? You simply have to dampen it with warm water and dipping it in some . Right now I’m using Jurlique Repleneshing Foaming Cleanser. Then insist on troubled areas on damp face with circular motion for a few minutes. Then rinse off. It is extremely important to wash the brush after each use and leaving it drying in a clean space.

The only downside is that you have to spend more time on your skincare routine. But I think that this turned around our Western concept of beauty regimen. This product makes you understand that taking care of yourself is not someting you have to do, but it’s a sign of love towards yourself and you should spend more time and indulge in loving yourself. You can do it everyday at your home, you don’t have to go to a SPA to take time for yourself.

It’s not really pricey at $16.53. The high quality material is worth the price, plus Clarisonic is way insanely pricier. You can buy it here.

Mizuho Brush makes skincare brushes also for Suvé brand, with the same brush with a super luxurious design (you can buy it here). There are also larger cleansing brush more convenient to entire face or the body with highest quality goat hair (here and here). Suvé brushes also exhibited at Ambiente 2015.


suvé cleansing brush




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