Before HD, invisible, transparent powders there was T. LeClerc.

Maybe few people remember that T. LeClerc powder was the best powder in the world, the most beloved from stars before silica based powder was launched on market.

Before HD, powder has to be high-coverage and colour correcting. And there was no powder as colour corrective as T. LeClerc powder.

T.LeClerc is worldwide known great classic from French beauty brands, since 1881. Its most representative product is the Loose Powder or Poudre Dermophile Sterilisée, indeed.

Left to Right: Banane, Orchidée, Lilium, Ocre Rosée


Avaible in 14 shades, each one is specified for an effect: a special “red carpet” effect, a colour correcting, a beautifying effect or even as a primer.

Here you find colour description:

Apricot: impeccable halo finish for tanned or medium-dark European complexions with pink undertones. Especially flattering on skin with freckles.

Banane: soft pale yellow. Reflects light in a most flattering way, illuminating fair to medium European complexions with pink undertones. It bestows an enviable glow and lightens up the skin with one sweep, masking any imperfections, including dark circles.

Bistré: rosy beige. Bestows a healthy glow and glamorous radiance to light Hispanic and Arab complexions with yellow undertones.

Bronzé: bronze. Gives a sun-kissed look on fair to medium European complexions with pink undertones, or wonderfully refreshes tanned skin.

Camélia: diaphanous peachy beige. Emphasises the fineness of fair complexion. The real secret of porcelain tone.

Cannelle: tan beige. For all European complexions; it enlivens fair to medium and unifies tanned skin while amazingly fading down ruddiness and blotching.

Chair Ambrée: rosy beige. Perfect illuminator for olive or tanned skin. Confers a healthy glow to mature skin without ruddiness.

Chair Ocrée: neutral delicate beige. Camouflages imperfections and adds a velvety honey finish to fair European complexions.

Chair Rosée: limpid peach. Ideal for every woman looking for a soft-coloured and transparent satin glamour skin tone that will make freckles fade. Illuminates tired skin.

Naturel: neutral beige with yellow base. Camouflages imperfections on medium or slightly tanned European complexions. Attenuates ruddiness.

Orchidée: pink veil. Magically erases signs of fatigue; a real life-saver for evening makeup. It immediately freshens up medium to dark complexion with yellow undertones. The number one choice for Indian skins.

Parme: snow with mauve gleams. Will whiten up complexions from pale to medium. Very much drama makeup.

Tilleul: gentle mint green. Disguises flushing and veins on pale to fair complexions. Should always be applied under a naturally-coloured powder.

Translucide: clear rosy beige. Contrary to its name, this shade is not translucent; it imparts a delicate colour for the most natural finish on fair skin with yellowish undertones. Brings radiance and freshness to mature skins without ruddiness.


I like to talk about this powder as the Faeries Powder: it’s incredibly fine milled but, at the same time, gives a medium – high coverage to complexion, especially when you apply it with a powder puff; otherwise, when you use a brush the effect is sheerer.

It’s a powder that can camouflage little imperfections and if you choose the right colour (there is one for each ethnicity) you can really brighten and beautify your face.

Yes, it’s not transparent nor invisible: it doesn’t want to be invisible, it’s not what it is supposed to be. This powder will (slightly) change your colour base, so if you don’t want to alter your make up base go for a HD powder.

But even if T.LeClerc powder is coloured and correcting it will disappear and melt into your skin: no one will see a powder on your face or a strange colour: each shade will adapt with your colouring to create only a well rested, “bonne mine” and bright face.

It is so “magic” that I use to wear it alone, without foundation: my imperfections are covered and the matte effect lasts all day without drying out my skin. It has a great oil absorbtion, especially in summer.

The T.LeClerc Loose Powder comes in a old fashion, vintage hand-sealed silver metal box: 25g for about 40 euro, or £36. But if you can find it in France you can buy it for a better price.

A couple of years ago I bought Banane and Orchidée, for a special effect perfect for nights out (they can brighten incredibly my face).




Then I bought Lilium which is now discontinued, It is an extremely fair warm pin and it is really similar to my natural skintone, I love using it during fall and winter and it emphasize my pale porcelain skin.



In spring and summer I prefer Ocre Rosée which is anoter shade discontinued. It is a mix between Chair Ocrée and Chair Rosée.

Ocre Rosée


These are my little treausers, my little luxury and luxury – imho – is a cuddle towards myself.



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